Thursday, 2 October 2008

Wes Brown v Sir Alex Ferguson

One of the most baffling situations in our squad so far this season has been the dropping of Wes Brown.

First, Wes was a shock omission from the Chelsea game. Next, he didn't even make the matchday squad against Blackburn. Finally, he was left out of the starting line-up against Aalborg in favour of Rafael. Wes was a key member of the best defence we've ever had last season, and at the start of this season looked to have improved his attacking game.

So what could have caused this. Here's my theory below (and bear in mind this is entirely constructed be me as the only logical explanation, not based on any sources):

Wes Brown: Um, Boss, I see that I'm not playing against Chelsea. Can I ask why?

Sir Alex: Sorry, son, but the team defended horribly against Liverpool and I had to make some changes.

WB: But surely you can't blame me for the own goal? Surely there were others who were just as bad?

SAF: You're right about both. To be honest, on top of that, I promised Gary when he was injured that once he was fit I'd give him a run of games. It's only fair to our captain, he's earned that right over the years. (mutters) And he didn't threaten to slope off to Newcastle if he didn't get more money...(laughs darkly at the thought of anyone half-decent going to Newcastle)

WB: And you're giving Jonny the spot in the centre, even though he's barely played any games for us.

SAF: Yep - the lad's got bags of talent, and I want to see how he copes.

WB: So even though I played as well as I did all last year, even though I was part of your best defence ever, you're just going to put me aside? And for a game like Chelsea away?

SAF: Careful, Wes - this isn't the sort of reaction I like to see from lads who I drop.

WB: (sarcastically) So you want me to go and play my guts out on the training ground to prove I'm worth my place back? What difference will that make? You're dropping me on sentimental grounds not on form grounds anyway.

SAF: You're a valuable member of this squad, but I've made my decision and I don't want to hear any more about it from you now.

WB: (angrily) Fine. You're the boss.

[Wes Brown exits Sir Alex's office, slamming door behind him and resolving to sulk all through training next week to register his frustration]

SAF: Oh, he'll regret that. Hasn't he been around long enough to know that I won't stand for behaviour like that? It's a few weeks on the subs bench for you, son, if you're lucky.


Frankly, I can't see any other way that Wes could have ended up in the position he's currently in - can you?


Scott the Red said...

I didn't see your e-mail address or a way of contacting you anywhere.

Can you drop me an e-mail at so I can get in touch? Cheers.

Anonymous said...

I've been mystified as well, and more than a little surprised that the press and pundits have not been willing to touch the issue. It's like American politics.

Blog United said...

Wes may not have been the only one who played bad but if Fergie thiks a kick up the backside is needed, he is right to do it. Yes Wes had a great season last year, but what if he knows that and has relaxed a bit when maybe he should be pushing on even further? I think Wes will be prominent in the coming season, he'll play his part

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