Thursday, 2 October 2008

United Fans Should Read...

This week's instalment of things to read on the web:

Scott at Republik of Mancunia was on top form with this heartfelt discussion of his feelings towards Ronaldo - I think many of us can empathise with his dilemma.

The Guardian (without too much sanctimonious leftiness) compares the relative merits Ryan Giggs and a Nobel prize winner!

For the conspiracy theorists and Glazer-haters amongst you, why the credit crunch is going to bankrupt United - but don't worry, it's only in the Independent.

Red Rants has a superb analysis of the subtexts of the Aalborg game.

Soccerlens makes you feel better about Scholes' knee injury.

What do you make of these articles, and are then any you feel I've missed?


PO13 said...

The Ronaldo article was spot on, and echoed my sentiments exactly. It was better during the AaB match, but I really felt some animosity towards Ronaldo in the Bolton match. It's almost as if he feels the EPL is beneath him and that he only needs to show that extra desire in Europe. A dangerous game to play indeed. I hope he stays for as long as Fergie does, then gets his move to Madrid with dignity still intact with us.

thethreeRs said...

I don't think it'll have been as a result of any form of falling out. He has stuck with Gary to let him get match fitness back and to assess what he has left to offer. It was painful watching that process, especially him getting skinned repeatedly by Anelka, and i don't think his pace is adequate anymore. His crossing has also not been worthy of the name. I think he wanted to see Raphael's temperament in a biggish game as he offers a potent attacking threat that could be useful when teams put 10 behind the ball. Hopefully this has all been explained to Wes who must have a reasonably good relationship with his boss?!

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