Wednesday, 17 June 2009

My leftfield transfer pick(s)

Gabby Agbonlahor.

Fast, can play from either side or centrally, scores at a good rate, can score with headers...remind you of anyone?

Except he is English and would likely be a "buy-for-life".

Ashley Young would be a good buy too - and I'm sure we could get both for comfortably less than the £60 quoted for Ribery.

What do you reckon?


MoYa said...

Not sure about Agbonlahor Penguin. I feel he is much more of a striker and wouldn't rate hima s a winger. I rate him well, but I feel we already have Macheda and Welbeck as prospects in that bracket. Though him being English is valid and damn he's fast!

I would definately go for Ashley Young, the best winger in the Premierleague in my opinion. He also takes excellent set pieces, which we lack as well as his crossing ability.

Ribery would be awesome, it's just his transfer fee which is ridiculous.

I say get Young and Alexis Sanchez who has fantastic ability and could certainly become a great. They would cost way under 60m, more like 40m!

Penguinissimo said...

Fair enough about Macheda and Welbeck, but Agbonlahor has played two seasons of PL football and that is valuable experience. I don't expect many people to agree with me, but I really rate him highly.

Ashley Young would have the same upside - a move to us would probably be the last move of his life. Plus he has genuine trickery and can cross the ball. A real long term replacement for Giggsy.

MoYa said...

Only thing is I keep wondering how all these players would fit into our team...

Like are we gonne see major changes, for instance replacing our current players or will it just be adding a player or two to the squad.

Perhaps a whole new system formation wise to accomodate what we get...

Red Ranter said...

The down side to all this is likely going to be the transfer fees. Martin O'Neill cannot afford to lose Barry, Agbonlahor and Young in one transfer window. Regardless of the money he gets from it, he's going to find it difficult to replace that much talent.

Penguinissimo said...

True - maybe just one or the other then!

Dan said...

I wouldn't be against them signing.

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