Monday, 1 June 2009

A Summer of Activity

This blog is being revived. Odd how a crushing defeat at the end of the season makes you want to write about the team more.

I'm not going to promise how often I'm going to write - I've done that too often before - so I'll just tell you to stick this blog on your RSS reader and come and read the articles as and when I write them.

However, to give you a flavour of what's going to be here during the summer months, I intend to write a full deconstruction of United's season, including:

- some sober reflections on the defeat in Rome - probably in two parts, pluses and minuses

- a look back over the season as a whole

- Ronaldo and the inevitable transfer saga

- the Tevez question

- whither Anderson and Nani

- Berbatov's future prospects

- the pending battle royale between Fletcher and Hargreaves

- what type of players I think we need over the summer

- breakdown of the current squad, and what to look out for next season

plus whatever else comes into my head.

Hope you'll be here to read about it.


NickOGS20 said...

Good to have you back posting again.

Anonymous said...

Aah, Le Pengouin!

Can't see you on redrans anympre, had words with the boss? :)

Anyways, I always looked forward to your input, so cheerios! Gonna need some reading in the silly season!


sneerpeer said...

looking forward

Anonymous said...

Nice to see your back! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the above listed points penguin!

Red Knight

MoYa said...

Any ideas as to when this summer of activity might begin??
We all waiting patiently...

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