Tuesday, 11 November 2008

United v QPR- Preview

Bet you'd all forgotten this game even existed, hadn't you? Well, it does, and it's against the lower league glam club, QPR, who are owned by Formula 1 tycoons Bernie Ecclestone and Flavio Briatore.

Whilst in the scheme of things the Carling Cup is unimportant, I still want to see us put in a good run. We have a genuinely exciting crop of young players, and a Carling Cup run will give them a great opportunity to showcase their skills and integrate them into the first team squad. We've done badly in the last couple of years, with early exits against weak teams, but I want to see us kick on this year.

Team news

Fergie has been very open about which of the youngsters are going to feature. Thus, we know to expect to see Evans, Rafael, Possebon, Gibson and Welbeck, and possibly Manucho. Apparently the rest will be made up from the "first team squad", but since that squad is about 24 strong it doesn't narrow things down much.

You could make a lottery game out of predicting the exact team, so here's my attempt:

Foster - O'Shea, Evans, Vidic, Rafael - Park, Gibson, Possebon, Nani - Welbeck, Tevez

Predicted score: 2-1 United

What's your guess?


zzxxrrss said...

Like you said guessing lineup for tonight is not easy. I just hope Tevez starts and scores a couple.

BeraghRedKnight said...

Be nice to see a big performance from the young lads. Glad to see Possebon back on the pitch, think he could control the pace of tonights game nicely.

I hope for everyones sake Tevez gets on the scoresheet or the little tazmanian devil could go mad!

MoYa said...

Would be interesting if Fergie started with a front 3.
Either with Manucho in the centre and Tevez and Welbeck out wide.
Or rather play Tevez in a deeper role just behind the front 2, That would be exciting!

Always exciting to see our youngsters play. Though Fabio is injured at the moment... Can't wait to see him and Rafael on our flanks together :-D

Sam said...

Once again our finishing is letting us down(from what Ive heard, seeing as I couldn't watch/listen to the game). Our lack of composure in the final 3rd is beginning to play on the players minds I think. Especially with Anderson one suspects. Takes a penalty for us to be seperated by QPR...

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