Thursday, 6 November 2008

More apologies - but the blog isn't dead

OK, so I didn't quite get out a preview for the West Ham game. Or any since.

I have been screwed at work, run off my feet at home and laid low by a virus to top it all off. I haven't been able to watch any of our last four games. In short, I haven't had the physical or mental energy to maintain the blog.

I estimate it takes me an hour or so to think up and type out a good post. I haven't had more than ten minutes spare at a time for the past two weeks, and I'm afraid I can't bring myself to churn out short, uninteresting news posts just to keep activity up - call it pride, or standards, or laziness, or something.

To those who have left comments in my absence - thanks for the support and thanks for checking back. I'm going to commit now to previewing and reviewing the Arsenal game, so look out for signs of life tomorrow.

Until then...

- P


zzxxrrss said...

Nice to hear the blog is alive. I hope you are feeling better now. Can't wait for the Arsenal preview. ManU 3 - Arsenal 1.
I'm also waiting for part 4 of our team review (the attack)

MoYa said...

Hey great news Penguin!!!
Thaught you gave up on us... Glad that your posts will be back soon.

Bhavin said...

dont leave us alone again for that long! get better and get posting.

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