Friday, 26 September 2008

United v Bolton - YouTube compilation

To tide you over from yesterday's preview to this afternoon's game, here is a selection of YouTube links to past glories against Bolton:

THAT Rooney and Ronaldo goal

Remember when Ronaldo didn't come across as an egotistical wanker? This is his United debut five years ago, when he was unleashed on Bolton and we first realised we had something special on our hands...

Rooney's 2007 hat-trick

And each week we will feature a Classic YouTube link - this week, as a counterbalance to all those flashy youngsters in the clips above, here is a tribute to Brian "Choccy" McClair - a model professional and a United legend.

Roll on 3pm!

What do you make of these clips? Please post any YouTube links you would like to share in the comments - I'll publish the best in my next compilation.

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