Wednesday, 24 September 2008

United Fans Should Read...

A selection of the best United links around the web at the moment:

Kevin McCarra gives a very balanced, thoughtful view of our current "crisis"

Stretty Rant in high praise of Ryan Giggs

Republik of Mancunia has the best assessment of Mike Riley's performance in the Chelsea game

Missing Men game for the 5-3 win over Spurs in 2001 - it took me 5 mins 42, can you beat that?

Feel free to post links to articles you've particularly enjoyed in the comments - any really good ones I'll include in my next Reader. Also, this blog is very new, and so any comments or feedback of any sort are greatly appreciated.


raj k said...

Thanks a lot for linking the Stretty Rant article. Giggsy and Keano are my all time favorites. Continue with the great work. Would like to read more of your articles too.

Penguinissimo said...

Glad you enjoyed it. Nothing like revelling in past glories...

raj k said...


Anonymous said...

thanks for this site,

You should review these 3 articles the best I've read on the web.

May be you could read it and

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